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Wedge Clamp 6" Nylon Cup Brush


  • Inexpensive tool to save labor costs
  • Cuts sanding prep time by up to 60%
  • Works with standard 5/8" threaded air or electric sanding/polishing tools
  • Angled bristles to reach into ribs and seams of pickup trucks
  • Ideal Operating RPM: 500-1200 rpm (maximum safety rating 4000 rpm)
  • 80 grit nylon abrasive filament
  • Preps 20-30 trucks

Application Instructions:

  1. Clean the surface before using the Nylon Cup Brush
  2. Set the sanding/polishing tool speed between 500-1200 rpm. Use a practice surface initially until you are familiar with the product
  3. If using the Nylon Cup Brush near areas you do not want sanded, protect that area by masking it
  4. Blow or sweep out the small amount of paint dust before spraying truck


Always wear protective eye protection when using this product.