Brian Deutscher - Santa Cruz Truck Bedlining

"Diamond Liners Inc. provides excellent products, and more importantly, the people behind those products are excellent people."

Mark and Juanita - Mcdonough, GA

"It didn't take us long after we met John and Danette to realize how respected they are in the industry. You'll never hear anyone speak negatively about them because they're honest, straight-talking people who really know what they're talking about. Another thing that stands out for us is John's technical knowledge and quality standards. In fact, Diamond Liners has been our hardest account to land! It took 8 years for us to develop a tape that was satifactory to John. This honestly made us respect them even more."

Bob Zimel

"I'm impressed with Diamond Liners Inc. as an organization. John is so well focused on his market. He's not trying to be everything to everyone..."

Steve Rickner - BASF Chemicals

"For several years we have been using John on critical projects where we need the right equipment. Diamond Liners Inc. has the best equipment and always performs the highest quality work. They have always been on the cutting edge when it comes to spray applicators. I've always trusted them with my most critical customers."

Equipment Business Manager - Los Angeles, CA

"The most valuable aspect of my relationship with Diamond Liners Inc. is their technical abilities and fast response. I especially enjoy doing technical things with John that have never been done before in the industry."

Rick Douglas - Chemline

"If I want a sample sprayed or a new material tested I take it to Diamond Liners Inc. because I know it will be sprayed properly."

Chander Burgos - Urethane Products

"There is a lot of trust between our company and Diamond Liners Inc. It feels like I have a personal relationship with them that goes beyond business. They're always willing to support you and the quality of service is second to none."

Don Dancey - President - Innovative painting and waterproofing

"Danette and John's integrity and honesty parallel our company's core values of accessibility, ethics and dependability."

Larry Kritsch - California Fiberglass Pools

"You can buy things from other companies but you can't buy John and Danette!"

Larry Alvarez - Air Brush Shop

"I first came across Diamond Liners Inc. on the internet while searching for sprayed on bedliners. Their website was very impressive and quickly sold me on the company..."

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