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Allegro - Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood - Low Pressure

Our NIOSH approved Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood is so unique, it's patented. This hood is designed with the breathing or down tube and head suspension completely integrated so that the hood assembly is constructed into a one-piece instead of the standard three-piece assembly. This eliminates the need for decontamination of the breathing tube or replacement parts, because the entire hood assembly is disposed of after use. Since the down tube is integrated into the hood, it is maintenance free and completely disposable. Offered in poly-coated DuPont Tyvek, it is flexible, splash resistant and seal in the airflow. The breathing tube incorporates a multi-layer sound dampening system made up of foam extending up inside the hood that prevents the tube from being crushed or twisted during use. It allows the system to meet stringent NIOSH requirements for sound levels inside a hood. The disposable hood brings air down across the lens which minimizes fogging and bring air to the breathing area. A large viewing window provides a wide field of vision and its generous size makes it perfect for workers with beards or goggles. Its large bib provides splash protection and allows it to be tucked into a suite where it directs air to the body. The disposable one-piece suspension offers easy adjustment with a velcro closure and an absorbent foam headband. NIOSH approved.

  • Breathing tube and head suspension integrated with hood assembly
  • Fully disposable, eliminating need for decontamination
  • Flexible and splash resistant
  • Multi-layer sound dampening breathing tube
  • Ideal for workers with beards or goggles


Part Description
List Price
Part DescriptionTyvek Hood Assy w/Adapters & Fitting
List Price$71.00
Part DescriptionReplacement Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood Assemply w/suspension (Low & High pressure)
List Price$60.00


Part Description
List Price
Part Name100 foot low pressure breathing air hose..(3/8" dia, w/OBAC-style coupler and plug)
List Price$287.00