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Graco Fusion FX Spray Gun

Introducing the Fusion FX, the industry's smallest, lightest, best balanced gun ever built. Featuring all new spray technology that will change the way you spray.

Graco’s new Fusion FX gun is designed from the ground up. Every feature thought out to make it the easiest to maintain and most comfortable gun on the market. Built for spray foam and polyurea applications.

Smallest, Lightest, & Most Balanced Gun On The Market

  • 30% lighter compared to Fusion PC
  • 9X better balanced compared to Fusion PC
  • Narrow gun design allows for easy spraying to small areas

Fast and Simple Rebuilds with FX Cartridges

  • Fusion FX Cartridges utilize ProConnect technology for a perfect rebuild in seconds
  • DuoFlo Valving technology eliminates the need for side seals and provided precision control and mixing
  • No side seals means no wear on the mix chamber which provides longer mix chamber life

RapidSwap Mix Chamber for Quick Access

  • Mix chamber can be accessed in seconds by just removing the air cap
  • Easily swap your mix chamber size to best match your spray application
  • Keep a perfect spray pattern by being able to maintain your impingement ports
  • Maximize your productivity with the additional output you get through the FX mix chambers due to less pressure drop through the gun

QuickFlex Spray Technology for Easy Conversion

  • Users can quickly change between spraying as a ClearShot or Air Purge gun by simply swapping the air piston
  • Handle is designed for both Clear Shot or Air Purge use
  • Utilizes existing CS Fluid Tubes

Improved Trigger Responsiveness

  • Over 30% shorter trigger pull compared to Fusion AP and Fusion PC guns for improved responsiveness and less fatigue

Tool-Less Manual Valves

  • Wing nut design allows valves to be open and closed by hand or with a standard nut driver

Hand Straps For an Easier Hold

  • Designed to reduce sprayer fatigue from required grip strength when holding the gun
  • Easily adjusted or removed by the sprayer

Lightweight Hose Manifold and Easy Access Gun Filters

  • Easy access to gun filters without removing hose manifold from the gun
  • Lightweight aluminum hose manifold
  • Ball checks included to prevent chemical leakage from manifold

Ergonomic Handle for Sprayer's Comfort

  • Temperature stable, great strength and heat resistant
  • Larger, ergonomic design for improved comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Easily removable from the gun body with one screw for simple repair


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