Graco T4 Transfer Pump

The T4 Transfer Pump combines Graco’s proven Merkur® air-motor and carbon steel lower. The T4 is a 3:1 ratio pump with ProConnect technology – allowing you to quickly connect and disconnect the air motor from the pump lower.

  • Quick Transfer Between Drums – quickly change to a new drum of material without the mess of dripping chemical by using multiple pump lowers.
  • Easier to Maneuver – easily transfer the T4 pump between drums by quickly disconnecting the air motor from the lower before transferring. This makes the pump lighter weight and reduces the necessary ceiling height of your rig.
  • Eliminate Downtime – get up and running quickly when your pump lower requires maintenance by having a spare pump lower that can easily be installed.

T4 Transfer Pump Specifications

Like the T3, the T4 pump utilizes the same proven Graco Merkur Air Motor so you get all the same benefits as the T3 pump but with ProConnect technology:
  • It is quiet, about 3 times quieter than the T2 pump
  • The Merkur Air Motor is a 3:1 air to fluid pressure ratio, allowing you to use less air pressure to provide the same fluid pressure you require
  • It utilizes air pilot valve technology, so the air motor valve switching is purely pneumatic. That means there are fewer parts to wear, maintain and replace
  • Rated for continuous output of 4.5 gpm (17 lpm) Allowing enough flow to easily keep up with Graco's biggest proportioner, the H-50
  • Rated for max inlet pressure of 100 psi (6.8 bar, 0.68 MPa) An air regulator is included with every pump


Part Description
List Price
Part DescriptionGraco T4 3:1 ratio Carbon Steel Transfer Pump for higher viscosity materials - 315 psi max fluid psi, 4.5 gpm
List Price$1,550.00
Part DescriptionT4 3:1 Carbon Steel Transfer Pump Supply Package (includes 2 pumps and fluid supply kit)
List Price$3,390.00
Part DescriptionComplete T4 Carbon Steel Supply Pump System. Includes 2 pumps, fluid supply kit, air hose kit and desiccant dryer kit.
List Price$3,780.00


Part Description
List Price
Part NameT4 Pump Lower, Pro-Connect, Carbon Steel
List Price$825.00


NameT4 Transfer Pump Brochure