Iso Prime II

IsoPrime is a one component (67.4% solids), moisture-cured primer/adhesive. IsoPrime contains 2.8lbs/gallon solvent. However, IsoPrime may be considered environmentally friendly because it can be formulated with OXSOL 100 (instead of the standard aromatic-100) as the diluent/solvent which is non DOT regulated and does not contribute to VOC admissions. IsoPrime can be used as a primer for concrete or as a primer for intercoat adhesion between coats of polyurea or polyurethane. IsoPrime does not contain any added products which would contribute to galvanic protection on metal (although IsoPrime is a natural insulator).

Application Equipment:

IsoPrime can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. IsoPrime should be applied utilizing a .01017 - .025" tip.

Application Recommendations:

IsoPrime should be applied in thin even coats. Due to the chemical nature of the IsoPrime, it should be placed lightly in spalls or holes on the concrete surface. Placing IsoPrime in holes in pooled water areas may cause bubbling. IsoPrime should not be applied in thickness greater than 6 mils per application. Several applications can be applied if required. IsoPrime must be tack free prior to topcoat application.

The coverage rate for IsoPrime is approximately 1500 square feet per gallon, after dilution with acetone, when applied with airless spray equipment. Often times the coverage rate drops to about 750 square feet per gallon after thinning when applied with a brush or roller.

Physical Properties:

  • Viscosity @25ºC, cps: 100
  • Appearance: Brown liquid
  • Odor: Mild sweet odor
  • Specific Gravity @25ºC: 1.08
  • Vapor Density: N.D.
  • Impact Resistance Direct & Reverse: >160
  • Pencil Hardness: 3H
  • Taber Abrasion CS 17 Wheel: 11mg loss

Special Protection Information:

When using IsoPrime make sure adequate ventilation is available. It is advisable to use neoprene gloves when working with material. Safety glasses, chemical goggles or face shields are also recommended.

Shelf Life & Storage:

One year in factory delivered, unopened containers. Store IsoPrime away from areas of high heat.


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NameIso Prime II MSDS Sheet
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