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Power Blanket Drum, Bucket & Pail Blanket Heaters

Heat It! Thaw It! Cure It! Insulate It! Protect It!

Drum Heaters
Wrap it in a Powerblanket Drum Heater and you'll never use another band heater or blower again! Stop messing with hazardous heating belts and big bulky warming ovens. Powerblanket Drum Heaters take the hassle out of heating and warming your drums and barrels. With a built in thermastat or optional thermostatic controller, you can ensure you never over or under heat your materials again.

The Drum Blanket Heater barrel-blankets are sized for a 55 gallon drum and are available with a built in thermostat of 100º (please note: temps may vary +/- 10º). They come with adjustable bungee straps to ensure proper fit of larger and smaller 55 gallon barrels. The drum heaters come ready to use. Unroll, wrap around your barrel, and plug into any 110 volt outlet. These drum blanket heaters weigh only 5 lbs and wrap around the entire barrel. Each barrel blanket heater has a 6ft. male end cord and a 6ft. female end cord. Four of these blankets can be plugged together on one 20 amp outlet. The Barrel Blanket draws 5 amps each. Lower amperage draw drum blanket heater can be custom made to be plugged into 12 volts (cigarette lighter). This allows for Barrel Heaters to be used during transportation or materials. Our larger sized SuperDuty Drum Blanket Heater are used on top of large numbers of drums for freeze protection. The Drum Blanket Heater Barrel Warmer are a step above the competition in pricing, durability & functionality. It is now affordable to protect, heat and maintain manufacture material specifications. Try one and see for yourself.

Bucket & Pail Heaters
The Powerblanket 5 gallon bucket blanket heaters come ready to use. Unroll wrap around bucket and plug into any outlet up to 20 can be plugged together using an outlet supplied with a 20 amp breaker. Each bucket blanket draws .98 amps. They have 6' male end cord and a 6' female end cord. Use them to heat anything and everything that comes in a 5 gallon bucket. They can also be used to wrap around propane tanks.

Adjustable Thermostatic Controller GHT2002J
The GHT2002J is and Adjustable Thermostatic Controller used for controlling the current to heating devices from 100 VAC to 240 VAC. The controller uses a temperature sensor probe (TSP) to signal the ECU when more or less heat is needed, depending on the set temperature and sensed temperature relationship.

The front on the GHT2002J has a three digit digital display that displays the set temperature, the sensor temperature and temperature scale in Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C). Just below the digital display is a pair of easy to use temperature display control switches, one red and one blue.

The controllers work on any of the Drums, Totes, Hot Boxes and EH0202 (any Powerblanket 1300 watts or less)

Never Let The Cold Weather Slow You Down Again!
Powerblanket is in conformance with UL/CSA standards.

All of Powerblankets products come with only male cord. You can still daisy them but you will need to provide your own Y connectors.


Part Description
List Price
Part Description5 GAL RAPID RAMP 100F (FIXED) 120V 160.320 WATTS 1.33/2.67 AMPS
List Price$362.00
Part Description5 Gallon Professional with Thermostatic Controller 120V 160 Watts 1.33 Amps
List Price$572.00
Part Description15gal Rapid Ramp 100°F (fixed) ±10°F 120V 160/320 Watts 1.33/2.67 Amps
List Price$452.00
Part Description15gal Pro 145°F ±5°F w/ Adjustable Thermostatic Controller 120V 400Watts 3.33Amps
List Price$758.00
Part Description30gal Rapid Ramp 100°F (fixed) ±10°F 120V 280/560 Watts 2.33/4.67 Amps
List Price$540.00
Part Description30gal Pro 145°F ±5°F w/ Adjustable Thermostatic Controller 120V 720 Watts 6.00 Amps
List Price$865.00
Part Description55 gallon drum blanket heater, rapid ramp 100 degrees
List Price$656.00
Part Description55 gal. Professional Drum Blanket w/ Thermostatic Controller
List Price$972.00
Part Description55 gal. Professional Drum Blanket 240 Volt, 800 Watt, 6.67 Amp w/ Thermostatic Controller
List Price$1,008.00


Part Description
List Price
Part NameGHT Thermostatic Controller
List Price$197.00


NamePower Blanket Manual
NameThermostatic Controller Manual