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Power Blanket Tote & Hot Box Blanket Heaters

Tote Heater
The Powerblanket tank series Tote Heaters are flexible wrap around surface heaters utillizing Powerblankets patented heat spreading technology to deliver a barrier of heat to temperature sensitive materials.

The Tote blanket heater provides a quick & easy way to warm your temp sensitive products. They fit nearly every standard tote tank utilizing adjustable nylon straps. Units include an adjustable thermostat and male/female power to easily add multiple units to the same circuit.

Hot Box
The Powerblanket Hot Box is the most efficient method for heat soaking temperature sensitive materials. These products include cold patch asphalt, paint, epoxies, resins, roofing materials, palleted or bulk heat sensitive material and most equipment found on a job site. Create, control, and maintain a heated environment for fast and effective heat soaking.

The Powerblanket Hot Box is also an eco friendly and innovative design with patented heat spreading technology, now making it possible to achieve and maintain an even, consistent heated environment. Using only 120V or 240V (optional), it is the most efficient - energy saving solution on the market today. The Powerblanket Hot Box is lightweight, portable and durable, requiring virtually no maintenance, saving you time, money & labor.

Adjustable Thermostatic Controller GHT 2002J
The GHT 2002J is an Adjustable Thermostatic Controller used for controlling the current to heating devices from 100 VAC to 240 VAC. The controller uses temperature sensor probe (TSP) to signal the ECU when more or less heat is needed, depending on the set temperature and sensed temperature relationship.

The front of the GHT 2002J has a three digit digital display that displays the set temperature, the sensor temperature and temperature scale in Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C). Just below the digital display is a pair of easy to use temperature display control switches, one red and one blue.

The controllers work on any of the Drums, Totes, Hot Boxes, and EH0202 (any Powerblanket 1300 Watts or less).

Heat It! Thaw It! Cure It! Insulate It! Protect It!
Never let the cold weather slow you down again!

Powerblanket is in conformance with UL/CSA standards.


Part Description
List Price
Part DescriptionHot Box 4ft X 4ft X 4ft (includes Thermostatic Controller) .64 cu ft Hot Box - 4ft X 4ft X 4ft ..120V - 1,440 Watt - 12.00 Amps
List Price$2,499.00
Part DescriptionHeated Tote Blanket, 275 Gallon, 48" Length, 39.75" Width, w/ Adjustable Thermostatic Controller & Insulated Top 120V 1440 Watts 12.00 Amps
List Price$1,474.00
Part DescriptionHeated Tote Blanket, 330 Gallon, 48" Length, 174" Width, w/ Adjustable Thermostatic Controller & Insulated Top 120V 1440 Watts 12.00 Amps
List Price$1,726.00


Part Description
List Price
Part NamePatch Kit: HH-66 adhesive, 12'L x 3"W of vinyl (Black)
List Price$71.00
Part NameGHT Thermostatic Controller
List Price$174.00