Surf A Seal

Protects Pump Packing & Bearings from Damage

Protects Airless Paint & Coating Sprayers

An ECO Friendly, Silicone free Specialty Lubricant.  It protects and extends the pump rod and packings by preventing coatings from drying on the components, which can cause damage.  It reduces friction, wear and abrasions on the  components by forming a high level of lubrication on the Displacement Rod, preventing flash rusting and extending the life of the equipment. It also protects airless paint & coating sprayers.

It is an ideal replacement for products containing Phthalic Acid Esters / DPHP  (Di-(2-Propyl Heptyl) Phthalate, Tricresyl Phosphate, Trixylenyl Phosphate, and Petroleum (aromatic and aliphatic) based lubricants and Commercial Motor Oils.


Part Description
List Price
Part#Surf A Seal (quart)
Part DescriptionSurf A Seal, 1 quart
List Price$36.67
Part#Surf A Seal (1)
Part DescriptionSurf A Seal 1 gal EasyPour Jug
List Price$131.73
Part#Surf A Seal (5)
Part DescriptionSURF A SEAL, 5 gal pail
List Price$638.22


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