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ZEC - Litex Grinding Disc


  • The Litex disc has a plastic back and does not require a backup pad
  • ISO 9001 Approved, European Standard EN 13743
  • The Litex fits most angle grinders and does not require a backing pad. The Litex attaches directly to the hand of the grinding machine.
  • Litex is lighter, cuts faster, and grinds faster while leaving an even surface when compared to depressed center wheels or resin fiber discs.
  • The Litex Design minimizes the loading of material being ground on the disc.
  • The Litex disc design includes holes in the disc that allows the disc to grind cooler by increasing air flow and grinding material ejection. 
  • Multiple layers of grain, a spiral disc surface, and air cooling holes are all part of the Litex disc design that gives it a longer lifespan compared to conventional discs. 


Part Description
List Price
Part Description4 1/2" x 7/8 ZEC Litex Silicon Carbide Grinding Disc - 16 grit
List Price$7.69
Part Description7" x 7/8 ZEC Litex Silicon Carbide Grinding Disc - 16 grit (package of 5)
List Price$9.60