Let us show you the ins and outs of using high-tech polyurethane foam, Polyurea, and coating equipment with a demonstration by a Diamond Liners expert. Demonstrations are available to Diamond Liners customers on an “as-needed” basis — just another aspect of the company’s commitment to unmatched quality service.

Diamond Liners will demo any piece of equipment we have available that would meet a customer’s needs — we have demoed them all! In these demos, Diamond Liners staff will show how the equipment is operated and used in practical terms (the demonstration is not a professionally sanctioned training or certification course). Most of the demonstrations are conducted at the Diamond Liners office in Santa Fe Springs, though they can be done at a customer’s facility if needed for special circumstances. To request a demonstration or find out more information, call us at (800) 543-1212 or email For demonstration costs, see below.

Visual learners also can browse the Diamond Liners channel on YouTube, where they can watch videos on how to use and clean various pieces of spray equipment. Some of these videos are provided by the equipment manufacturers, while others are made right at the Diamond Liners facility featuring the practical expertise of company founder John Bender.

Finally, Diamond Liners, Inc. gives its customers both "show and tell" at open house demonstrations. If you have never held a spray gun, here's your chance! Demo Days feature the latest in equipment and chemical technology. Check out the lineup from Diamond Liners’ most recent Demo Day:

Graco Reactor E-8p – The portable plural-component sprayer in demand by homeowners who want energy-efficient homes.

Graco Reactor 2 E-30i – A complete system for polyurethane foam or polyurea applications, ready for the jobsite or spray rig — right out of the box!

Graco Reactor 2 H-XP3 – The first hybrid Graco/Gusmer coating proportioner unit on the market. Get the best of both technologies for ultimate coating results.

Graco Reactor 2 E-XP2 – The electric, state-of-the-art plural component proportioning system that provides superior performance, control, and accuracy.

Graco XM Plural Component – Precise ratio assurance in a fully configurable system.

Graco XP50 – Two-component spraying made easy and affordable.

These events at Diamond Liners demonstrate the most cutting-edge spray foam and Polyurea coating technology to help you find out which solutions are best for your business. And don’t forget to invite a prospective customer or applicator, investor, architect, engineer, or co-worker as your guest(s) for the day. Check this website often for dates and details.

Demonstration Fee Schedule:

After a close review of the procedures necessary to conduct quality demonstration spraying for chemical companies, manufacturers, and customers, we find it appropriate to implement a standardized fee of $600.00 to cover the following expenses of a 3-hour spray demo:

1) Time to purge proportioner and hoses with cleaning solution

2) Loss of material in proportioner and hoses

3) Disposal of hazardous waste (5 gallons)

4) Electrical

5) Cleaning of gun before, during, and after as necessary

6) In-house supplies – mold release, tape, plastic, sandpaper, filters

7) Supervision by management

8) Applicators labor (3 hours)

If more than 3 hours are required to complete the spray, the rate will be $95.00/hour. If more than 5 gallons of waste is generated, the disposal rate is $16.36/gallon. Any appointment scheduled and cancelled will be billed the $600.00 for allocation of time scheduled.

Additional expenses may include the consumption of CIRR D-Bond, NZD ISO FLUSH or SURF X-FLUSH 2000 before and/or after, depending on the usage.

If we are asked to do prototype spraying with material we customarily use, we will charge as follows:

1) $95.00/hour (starting at set-up) for sprayer, assistant, and management oversight.

2) $5.42/pound for material used (based off stroke count, including all supplies).

All demo spraying costs are due and payable at the time the service is rendered. If you purchase an equipment package from us within 6 months of the invoice date, we will apply 50% of the invoice labor, less other fees, to the purchase of your new equipment.

All demo work with Diamond Liners is done confidentially; this is not only to maintain a positive working relationship, but also out of respect for the project, manufacturer, or chemical company working on the project.