Diamond Liners has partnered with several system houses to test new chemicals during the research and development stages, and by spraying, participating or attending these tests professionals can learn about the products they will use before they even hit the market.

Diamond Liners, Inc. looks forward to seeing and testing new proportioners, spray guns and associated supplies, and in doing so providing expert knowledge and review of the equipment so as to support it when it arrives in the polyurethane spray foam and Polyurea coatings industry.

If you work for a chemical developer and are interested in conducting a test with Diamond Liners, read the “Testing Fee Schedule” below.


After a close review of the procedures necessary to conduct quality test spraying for chemical companies, manufacturers, and customers, Diamond Liners finds it appropriate to implement a standardized fee of $550.00 to cover the following expenses of a 3-hour test spray:

1) Time to purge proportioner and hoses with cleaning solution

2) Loss of material in proportioner and hoses

3) Disposal of hazardous waste (5 gallons)

4) Electrical

5) Cleaning of gun before, during, and after as necessary

6) In-house supplies – mold release, tape, plastic, sandpaper, filters

7) Supervision by management

8) Applicators labor (3 hours)

If more than 3 hours are required to complete the test spray, the rate will be $85.00/hour. If more than 5 gallons of waste is generated, the disposal rate is $15.39/gallon. Any appointment scheduled and cancelled will be billed the $550.00 for allocation of time scheduled.

Additional expenses may include the consumption of CIRR D-Bond, NZD ISO FLUSH, or SURF X-FLUSH 2000 before and/or after, depending on the usage.

If we are asked to do prototype spraying with material we customarily use, we will charge as follows:

1) $85.00/hour (starting at set-up) for sprayer, assistant, and management oversight.

2) $5.07/pound for material used (based off stroke count, including all supplies).

All test-spraying costs are due and payable at the time the service is rendered. If you purchase an equipment package from us within 6 months of the invoice date, we will apply 50% of the invoice labor, less the other cost to the purchase of the new equipment.

All testing work with Diamond Liners is done confidentially; this is not only to maintain a positive working relationship, but also out of respect for the project, the manufacturer, and the chemical company working on the project.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of proving your product. We are happy to use our spraying and equipment designing capabilities to help further industry advances. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.