Graco 20' Whip Hoses

All New 20' Whip Hoses

Lighter Weight

Reduces the weight and size of the hose the applicator is lifting and moving most often. Today the portion of the hose most often being lifted while spraying is the 1/4" whip hose, and a portion of the last 3/8" spray hose, the FTS, fluid fittings and electrical connections. When using the new 20' whip hose, the majority of the time, it will only be the 1/4" whip hose being lifted.

Reduce Potential Damage

By moving the FTS and the fluid and electrical connections further away from the sprayer you are reducing potential damage to these critical components by allowing them to remain on the ground and not constantly being banged around while being held in the air while spraying. 

Available in 2000 psi and 3500 psi versions with Xtreme-Wrap Scuff Guard


Part Description
List Price
Part NameFluid Temperature Sensor (FTS)
List Price$705.00
Part NamePower-Lock Splice Kit; 6 AWG, Connector for Heated Hose
List Price$49.50


NamePower-Lock Heated Hose Instruction - Parts Manual
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