Danette Bender

The Relationship Expert

Danette Bender, sister of company founder John Bender, has a passion for facilitating solid relationships with Diamond Liners customers, distributors, employees, equipment manufacturers, and chemical companies.

Danette has more than 35 years of customer service and business management training experience. She also has years of invaluable experience growing up in the Bender family business. With her customer service skills, knack for follow-through, and enthusiasm for helping people, Danette has quickly become known at Diamond Liners as someone who values every aspect of company relationships.

Danette and Diamond Liners frequently take the road less traveled when it comes to finding an answer, a piece of equipment, a solution to a problem, or whatever else is needed to get the job done right. For example, she enjoys surprising customers with a last-minute solution when they thought all was lost. No matter how large or small the project is, Danette takes enormous pride in supporting the goals of others. Since the company's inception, these are the kinds of steps that Diamond Liners has consistently taken to make its mark in the sprayed-on bed liners, protective coatings, and spray foam industries.

Danette has been instrumental in maintaining Diamond Liners' role as a valued Graco distributor, and in fostering strong relationships with chemical companies. In addition, she works hard to maintain strong bonds with the company's base of individual, businesses, and municipal and government clients. With relationships like these at stake, Danette's famous attention to detail, technical knowledge, personnel management skills, and sales talents play a key role in ensuring that things run as smoothly as possible at Diamond Liners.

The vision for the company shared by Danette and John is to be a leader in the coatings and spray foam industries in the areas of equipment, technology, supplies, and technical support. With her commitment to customer service and efficient business management combined with John's reputation as an industry leader and technical expert, Diamond Liners is in a prime position to meet and exceed this goal.

Getting to know Danette Bender:

• Holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Long Beach State University.

• Certificate in Microsoft computer software.

• Other companies worked for: J.H. Bender Equip. Co. Inc., American Cyanamide, Crown BBK Inc., Beverage Care of California, Simple Green, Vista Paint Corp.

• Started with Diamond Liners in 1995.

• Personal interests: water skiing, boating, family, motorcycles, traveling, going to the beach

• Personal mission - "To be a loving, caring and compassionate person to my family and others I come in contact with, to be faithful, trustworthy and honest in all I do."