Tiffany Torres

The Virtual Connections Expert

When it comes to family, Tiffany Torres will always do anything she can to help. Tiffany was a stay-at-home mom and just had her second daughter when she was first called into the family business. Her father, John Bender, asked her to watch the Diamond Liners office by herself for "only one week," while he attended a trade show. Prior to that she had been in college preparing to study medicine - a far cry from coatings, spray foam, and bedliners. Tiffany quickly embraced all the industry knowledge, morals, and life lessons that her Dad taught her throughout her personal and professional life and "only one week" has turned into sixteen years and counting.

Today, Tiffany Torres takes pride in being Diamond Liners' resident virtual renaissance woman. Her responsibilities include managing the company's web presence and social media; taking the lead on live chat; making sales; and providing excellent customer service at all times. Whether face to face or online, Diamond Liners customers appreciate that Tiffany is straightforward in all her communications and will find the necessary information and resources to solve their challenges.

Tiffany especially appreciates the learning opportunities that come with taking on new challenges.

"The more times I'm asked a question, the easier it gets," she says, noting, "It's gotten to the point that I can remember part numbers off the top of my head."

Tiffany enjoys the environment of ongoing, on-the-job training and atmosphere of learning that exists at Diamond Liners. In addition to soaking up an ample amount of valuable information about the industry, Tiffany constantly seeks to sharpen her industry knowledge through a variety of certification courses and training classes. She successfully completed numerous courses, including PDA's course "Intro to Polyurea"; SPFA"s "Intro to Spray Foam"; The American Chemistry Council's "SPF Chemical Health & Safety Training"; and various product training classes offered by Graco.

Tiffany's goal is to continue growing with the company while becoming more and more adept at managing all the different scenarios that arise in the spray foam and polyurea coatings industries.

Tiffany is proud to have followed in her father's footsteps and hopes someday to pass the torch of knowledge, morals, and values she has learned on the job to her own kids.

Getting to know Tiffany Torres:

• Tiffany was born in Downey, California "a true California girl."

• She enjoys drag racing, boating, camping and sports and is very family-oriented and loves spending time with her kids.

• Her philosophy is "When you live life without regrets you will have lived a full life making everything worth it in the end."