About Diamond Liners, a division of american polymers corp.

Toughness and Value

The word "diamond" encapsulates many things, but here at Diamond Liners our favorites are "value" and "toughness."

To us, value means providing the hard-working professionals of the spray foam and coating industries with the best equipment, education, and service they can get.

To us, toughness means more than the diamond-tough, industrial strength polyurethane, hybrid, and polyurea coatings. The resilience and symbolic commitment of a diamond is reflected in all aspects of this long-successful, family-owned and operated chemical spray application sales and service provider.

Generations of Service, All in the Family

Diamond Liners was founded in December 1990 by John Bender and his father, Houston Bender. The company quickly became established as an industry expert and bed liner market leader. In 1995, the company expanded from bed liner installation into manufacturing and distribution of equipment and chemicals. In 1999, Diamond Liners invested in a new facility featuring environmentally safe and AQMD-approved spray booths with fresh-air breathing systems for chemical test sprays and in-house coating and foam applications. In addition to the booths, the new facility features many other high-tech components of Diamond Liner's complete system of equipment sales, service, and support. Also in 1999, the company became an authorized distributor for equipment manufacturer Graco. Through the years, Diamond Liners, has shifted away from installation toward a focus on equipment distribution. John Bender has worked with many leaders in the polyurea and polyurethane foam industry, giving them exposure to new technology, new applications, and the opportunity to share his knowledge of equipment and application with them.

Today, Diamond Liners is owned by John and his sister, Danette Bender, with John's daughter Tiffany playing a key role in the company's future. The Bender family has collectively operated a family business since 1924. Even after all these years, Diamond Liners continues to reflect the Bender family's lifelong commitment to exceptional customer service, industry expertise, honesty and a "can-do, will-do" attitude. What started as a small company installing bed liners has evolved over several decades into an equipment and service-oriented industry leader.

Staying Connected With the Future

The company's customers, distributors, and vendors regularly express their appreciation for the value of Diamond Liner products and services through word-of-mouth referrals and industry buzz. This worldwide "extended family" is anchored by John's unparalleled engineering and equipment manufacturing expertise, which he shares with anyone who asks, whenever they ask; Danette's attention to detail and commitment to forgoing solid, long-lasting customer relationships; and by Tiffany's cyber-communication expertise, which she is using to create a complete virtual experience for customers by updating the company website, implementing live chat customer care, and expanding into social media on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Customer service, parts ordering, and technical support have all been streamlined so the experience of being a Diamond Liners customer is available at the click of a mouse. With its years of high-level service as a foundation, Diamond Liners is committed to keeping up with the technology that will make the Bender family available to customers large and small as quickly as they need it.

This multigenerational family team leads the company in offering the newest and highest quality equipment and services and the best customer service and troubleshooting policies their industry has to offer. At Diamond Liners, there is no such thing as outside the scope of business hours, work, knowledge, or responsibility. Whether the job is waterproofing, coating, foam insulating, or bed lining for a car, truck, trailer, movie studio prop, fake rocks, speaker boxes, or spa, Diamond Liners customers can count on an honest, comprehensive, and expert solution for all their needs.

Diamond Liners, serves customers all over the United States, and supports the industry by actively working with regulators and trade associations. Regarding the issue of safety, John Bender was among the first voices in the industry to clamor for better ventilation in spray booths, encouraging applicators to install fresh air systems long before they were required. John is known for being ahead of the curve and a spokesman for safety in the industry. Also, Diamond Liners offers professional development with associations such as the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA), the Polyurea Development Association (PDA), and The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC). Courses offered by these trade organizations are held at the Diamond Liners facility in Santa Fe Springs, enabling spray foam and coating professionals to earn certifications and learn from various experts about such topics as application, equipment use, surface preparation, and more.

If that's not diamond-level service, then what is?