John Bender

The Industry Expert

John Bender learned how to do his job the old fashioned way - with hard work, common sense and a solid commitment to customer service. John went from high school straight into the Bender family business, which at that time was working with lathes, drills, welding, flame cutting, plasma cutting and painting. There, John learned the value of starting at the bottom and working his way up. He also picked up valuable hands-on technical skills that would serve him in his future career endeavors.

John learned even more valuable skills and industry knowledge through a series of technical courses. Building on his existing hands-on expertise, John took courses in polyurea, spray application, and surface preparation. He has completed the NACE course on High Build Thick Coatings; Reactor Fusion and Xtreme Mix equipment training; courses 101 & 101-R offered by SPFA; course WS-7 offered by SSPC; Polyurea 101 & 201 offered by PDA; a World of Concrete Course on concrete coatings; and he is a Graco Certified Technician.

In December 1990, John founded Diamond Liners. He approached his new business with the same hands-on principles he was raised with - learn what you are selling before you go sell it. For the first three years, John worked diligently to become skilled in the equipment, chemicals, surface preparation, and application procedures for polyurethane chemicals. He understood the importance of learning his work inside and out. When he was confident he could be a technical resource for advice, troubleshooting, and customer solutions, he expanded Diamond Liners into distribution.

In 2000, John made the decision to further expand Diamond Liners' offerings to the industrial, commercial, residential, and manufacturing industries along with mobilization of coatings. This was a turning point for the company in terms of establishing closer relationships with chemical companies and equipment manufacturers. In particular, Diamond Liners established itself in the area of preliminary testing prior to the implementation of new equipment and chemicals.

Today, John Bender leads Diamond Liners with his work ethic, commitment to finding solutions for his customers, and his unparalleled foundation of technical skills and knowledge. John is knows by industry colleagues for his diverse knowledge of manufacturing, application, and spray techniques. This expertise, combined with his ability to listen and quickly understand problems presented to him, make him an expert technical troubleshooter both in person and over the phone. John is always willing and eager to share the technical expertise he has acquired over the course of his 20-plus-year career with anyone who needs it.

"The real value of our services is reflected in the smile on a client's face for a job well done," he says, "We will go out of our way to help our customers no matter how large or small the project is."

Getting to know John Bender:

• Like his sister, Danette, John was very active in church and community activities growing up; he is a former Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Eagle Scout

• Has an AA degree in Industrial Technical with a Manufacturing emphasis from Cypress College

• Enjoys waterskiing, boats, gardening, racing, custom cars/trucks, and family

• His mission is to live life to the fullest and to be truthful and honest in everything his does.

• Started working full time with his father at J.H. Bender Equipment Company Inc in 1977.

• From 1984-1990 John owned a company, Con-Co Rebuilders, managing a crew of between 15-20 employees for six years, rebuilding alternators, starters, and generators.