Diamond Liners offers a wide range of training opportunities for professionals in the spray foam and coating industries. Courses include equipment use, application, safety, surface preparation, and more. Training on operation of the equipment and spray guns is taught by Diamond Liners founder John Bender, who has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of the industry, either at the company offices or out on the job site for specific circumstances. These "one-on-one" style training sessions are offered when new customers first purchase their machines of for past customers who need refreshers or retraining for new employees.

Cost to attend trainings at the Diamond Liners facility is $1,100 per person per day, or for just the extra cost of travel one of Diamond Liners' experts will come to your facility. Chemical cost, cleaning materials and waste are additional costs and contingent upon the type of training, length, and consumption. For more information about training or group rates, call 800-543-1212 or email